One Thousand Gifts – Part 73

  • 581. A really relaxing weekend
  • 582. Making new friends across the globe (Hi Sheila!)
  • 583. The anticipation of vacation time – even if we’re not really going that far…
  • 584. Making it through one day of my “March Around Jericho” (Thanks Heidi, for the inspiration!)
  • 585. The joy and history keeping of video to remind me how quickly little ones change
  • 586. Naps
  • 587. Coffee
  • 588. Sleep (yes, I need some, but have to finish this list before I go to bed!)
  • 589. Finding God’s loving messages in old things that make me realize he’s been trying to reach me all along – I just wasn’t listening
  • 590. The growl of a hungry belly


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