Scattered and fried

  • I have been working too many late nights. J5 hasn’t been taking full naps, so I don’t get lots of daytime work in, then I get on a roll and have become a night owl. It is taking its toll on me.
  • I have a lot of things I want to write:
    • Review on Amy Grant book, Mosaic. MUST be done tomorrow!!!
    • How wonderful the Tide pen is that I got from my mom. J5 found a ball point pen on my nightstand and proceeded to scribble on the comforter on our bed. I am going to post pictures of the amazing results
    • Never mind about J5’s blog. Haven’t touched it in days, and the last two posts did not have pictures. The only reason I think our family views his blog is for the pictures.  So, sorry I suck… 🙁
  • I have many new thoughts on articles I’ve read, especially the Calvary Bible Church series on When Eating Becomes Sin, as well as an article my mom just sent me.
  • I haven’t been to any of my friends’ blogs in ages
  • I have been swamped with Faith Lifts reorganization (even though I’ve been a wicked procrastinator)

Ok, so there you have it folks. I’m a mess and I miss my blog – especially now that it’s so pretty!

Maybe more tomorrow?


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    Oh, Lund. Right there with you. Why do we always feel so obligated?

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