Product Review – Tide To-Go Pen – 5 Stars

Well, this is my first product review, and it’s totally and completely voluntary. The only reason I’m even doing it is because I was SO excited by the results that I HAD to share with anyone who would listen…

This is yet another blog entry about what happens when a toddler goes unsupervised for about 3 seconds. (Actually, I don’t even know WHEN this happened to tell you how quick and sly this child is!)

Blue ball point pen meets Mommy & Daddy’s bedspread:

Pen marks on bedspread
(I had already started trying to clean it
when I realized I should take a before picture.)

After cleaning it with the Tide To-Go pen and letting it dry overnight:

No pen marks

Now, I will have to say, the directions on the pen say it’s only for fresh food stains, not ball point pen that was cleaned at least 3-4 days AFTER the incident…so, I can’t guarantee it will work on EVERYTHING, but it’s definitely something I plan to have around the house (and in my purse) just in case!!

Tide to Go Pen on Bedspread

So, I give this a definite: starstarstarstarstar

Tide to Go – Official Site

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    A Word of caution!!!!! Do NOT use it on WHITE fabric. It turns it yellow and you’ll never get it out. Otherwise it’s awesome! My girls carry them in their purses. Also rubbing alcohol will take ball point pen out without any side effects. ;O)

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