One Thousand Gifts – Part 71

  • 561. Godly friends who ask good questions and search for their own answers.
  • 562. A refreshed interest in Bible reading. I had to let go of my charted “Bible in a Year” reading. It became cumbersome and mechanical. The last thing I need right now is reading the Bible out of obligation or the need to accomplish. It’s relationship not obligation. **whew**
  • 563. Watching my son play with (around) other children and enjoy himself.
  • 564. Naptimes
  • 565. Spiritual and emotional prodding. Nothing like getting my hackles raised to send me into learning mode.
  • 566. Google – there’s so much information at my fingertips. (Almost too much, actually).
  • 567. That my FIL’s heart attack was mild and there was no damage to his heart.
  • 568. Sunshine
  • 569. The house being quiet enough to hear clocks ticking
  • 570. The blessing of a husband like mine.