One Thousand Gifts – Part 66

  • 516. The women of Chix N Stix. I am so blessed to have women friends to gather with and share stories and lives and just some uninterrupted grown-up conversation.
  • 517. A beautifully crocheted blue bracelet to wear as my symbol for my 90 day commitment – Believing God style.
  • 518. Some progress in J5’s vocabulary. Up to about 15 words now! Woo-Hoo! The newest is “apple”. Thanks, in part, to‘s alph
  • 519. Lazy weekend mornings
  • 520. Getting to play with code again.
  • 521. The thirst quenching quality of water.
  • 522. God’s movement in my life. I keep looking for huge path altering directives, but sometimes a simple nudge is His Way.
  • 523. Light bulb moments
  • 524. Hearing Amy’s joy over a gift registry and some twigs and sticks. Don’t ever take the little things for granted. Ever!
  • 525. The Fiddler, Alex DePue. Wow.

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    You know what Lund? I think it is supposed to take me another 20 or 30 years to know this but I think I have figured it out early. I think the big things are a distraction, a smoke screen, a mirage, if you will. I think real happiness is found in the little things. I would take the little things over the big things any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    I think most people think the big things will be what makes them happy. Cause that is what the world tells you. Get the better paying job, the bigger house, the more expensive car, etc. Then when they achieve these things it is confusing because the payoff isn’t nearly as great as they thought it would be and sometimes these big things come with their own unexpected side effects.

    Give me a lifetime of little things and keep all the big things and I think that would end up being a pretty good life.

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