Disgusted, ashamed and saddened

I have been following the blog of a woman who was doing a review of churches in her area. She made my blogroll because I was so impressed with the study she was doing.

And I just found out today that yesterday she decided to discontinue posting her travels because she felt threatened.

By church members.

She had concern for her personal safety.

From church members.

Because she was doing something that every person should do. Decide for themselves. This woman was doing a study and attending churches unannounced, then posting her findings on her blog.

She was not attacking. She was exercising her free right to attend a gathering of Seventh-Day Adventists on Sabbath, and non-Adventist church on Sunday, and sharing what she experienced. She was doing a thesis on a related topic.

How did discussing the welcome she received, or the lack thereof become something to make her a target?

This woman is a self-proclaimed Seventh-Day Adventist. She wasn’t out to destroy the church, but to learn for herself what other churches have that hers didn’t. And she publicized what she was learning.

I am a 4th generation SDA. Meaning, I am the fourth generation in my family line (on both sides) to be born into families that are members of the SDA church. I do not currently attend church. I have been to a few SDA churches in my area and none have been a good fit. I have attended a local non-denom church, CCC, and may go there again in the future.

I have been reading up on the Progressive SDA movement as the main issues that I have had with the SDA church (some of the fundamental 28 that I don’t quite, or in some cases don’t outright agree with), seem to be less “expected”. Not sure yet what to think…


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    Wow, interesting. I guess some folks are just so protective of their churches. It’s just a shame that they can not see that this woman is only trying to learn. We’re all out for one purpose anyway and that is to follow God.

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    Wow. That is sad. People like this give being a Christian a bad name. What do they have to hide if they are upset about her posting what she experiences!

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