Book Review – Mosaic – Rating: 8.25 out of 10 (Early estimate)

Mosaic, by Amy Grant - Book CoverMosaic, by Amy Grant

I was given the opportunity by the really nice people at WaterBrook Press to read, share and review Amy Grant’s new book, Mosaic. When I got the email, I wasn’t quite sure what I should do. You see, Amy Grant was my idol when I was in grade school. I had 3 of her albums on tape that I memorized. Every single nuance. I knew she had gotten her start when she was young, and that she started with singing in church, so I thought maybe someday I could grow up and do the same.

Of course, then life happened. Her music changed – and I changed right along with it. The fun pop-rock style in the 80s. It was awesome. But then I graduated from High School. Early college life really sucked. My music tastes flowed along with my school friends. Then, when I did consider catching up with Amy’s music, I heard she divorced her husband and was involved with Vince.

I am ashamed to say that I judged her pretty hard. Her divorce came around the time that I had a wedding planned and ended up calling it off due to the infidelity of my fiance. So, that was when my idol-worship days of her were cut harshly short.

Her music still had it’s place. Her two Christmas albums are so ingrained in my family’s celebrations, that she still was part of my life. But I stopped caring about her personal life. She’d married Vince Gill and to me it felt like she crossed over into “Hollywood” and stopped being real.

So, when Kelly at WaterBrook sent me an email offering me this opportunity to read Mosaic (for free!) I figured it would be nice to see what Amy had to say. I had no idea what to expect.

I have not yet finished the book. 🙂 The timeframe given to read and review the book was painfully short for those of us who are WAHMs with toddlers. Time to sit and read is scarce. And as a mom, when I actually DO have time to sit quietly (naps and after bedtime) I work, so I hate to say it, this book has been relegated to the only other semi-alone time I have. It has become a bathroom book!

The wonderful thing? It’s PERFECT for that. The structure of the book is set up so that Amy tells a story about a significant memory, and then you read the lyrics of the song that came of that memory. It’s written so that you can read these little snapshots of her memories without too much time commitment. (One of the things I dislike about reading in my new WAHM role is getting interrupted – as one does with a toddler – in the middle of a particularly long and engrossing chapter)

So, here’s my review:

Content: 9
Writing Style: 9
Re-readability: 5
Busy Mommy Scale: 10

Content – Like I said, I haven’t finished the book yet, but so far, I am really enjoying what I have read. It feels like I am getting to know her – much in the same way you get to know someone from reading their blog. And I especially like the ties to the song lyrics. I know a lot of her songs by heart and to read them in context with her life is giving me an even greater appreciation of them.

Writing style – Solid. Conversational. Easy to read. Reflective story telling.

Re-readability – It takes quite a bit for me to decide that a book is something I will re-read. It requires me to have been entranced, enthralled, excited, and it MUST have a happy ending. Non-Fiction is rarely on this list, unless it’s a Bible study or similar self-help book. I know that I will enjoy reading this book, but it’s almost definitely one to pass on to others to read.

Busy Mommy Scale – This is a brand new category triggered by this book. It gets a full 10. If you think you’d like to read this book, but aren’t sure you have time, I’m tellin’ ya, you can read it in short bursts and not lose the full effect of her writing!

To listen to music from Mosaic, visit Amy’s site.

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    I’m glad you wrote this entry in the manner that you did. At the time she made that mistake I also was suffering from the pain of my husbands choices with our marriage. We had split up and my heart was broken. Our song is one of Amy’s and it broke my heart to see her make the choices that she did. As a new babe Christ, it confused me to see that someone I thought was such a long time Christian could allow themselves to get into that kind of position.

    I admit that I judged. My opinion of her dropped dramatically. I’ve not been fond of her ever since then. I felt let down. This woman who sang “Our song” has given up on her marriage. She violated her marriage. It hurt me terribly.

    Praise the Lord that He forgives, as should we. But some things are harder to deal with, when your own life has suffers such a tremendous blow. What she did, happened to me and words cannot describe how it makes the other spouse feel. When God says that they shall be as one flesh. And it gets ripped apart, it hurts, it injures, it scars. Injuries can heal, but scars remain. They do fade, but they never entirely disappear.

    When I see someone who has done that to their spouse, it’s a reminder to me of my pain. Then I look at my scar. I can forgive, yes, but pain takes time to heal. As does my thoughts towards those who inflict it on others. Now that I’ve been so entriely transparent with my pain and my sin of judging, I’ll go pray. You have been the only one who could ever open my wound and draw me to a place of wanting it to have the antibiotic ointment applied to it. I’ve just never allowed that to happen. I’ve covered and protected my injury and now I must take it to the Master Doctor.

    Thank you. many tears are being shed right now. And I need to have a long talk with my husband after I meet with my Savior.


    You see, you never know what a blog post can do for someone. ;O)

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    I had a very intimate talk with my husband and apologized and asked for forgiveness for my bitter heart. WOW what a difference it has made between us. And I had a very quiet time with the Lord as well. Your post about this book helped to heal us. And I look forward to reading Amy’s book now.

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    Lisa – ((hugs)) I’m so glad. You have been a blessing to me. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    Reba – Great to meet you! There have been a lot of us to receive and review Amy’s book. Thanks for the link to the pics. Looks like fun!

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    Thanks for the book review. I am a bonifide bookaholic, so I was blessed. Thanks also for the kind greeting on Moms of Grace…I just had to come and check out your blog, I loved it.

    God Bless, Joanne

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