East To West

East To West, Casting Crowns

One Thousand Gifts – Part 66

  • 516. The women of Chix N Stix. I am so blessed to have women friends to gather with and share stories and lives and just some uninterrupted grown-up conversation.
  • 517. A beautifully crocheted blue bracelet to wear as my symbol for my 90 day commitment – Believing God style.
  • 518. Some progress in J5’s vocabulary. Up to about 15 words now! Woo-Hoo! The newest is “apple”. Thanks, in part, to Starfall.com‘s alph
  • 519. Lazy weekend mornings
  • 520. Getting to play with code again.
  • 521. The thirst quenching quality of water.
  • 522. God’s movement in my life. I keep looking for huge path altering directives, but sometimes a simple nudge is His Way.
  • 523. Light bulb moments
  • 524. Hearing Amy’s joy over a gift registry and some twigs and sticks. Don’t ever take the little things for granted. Ever!
  • 525. The Fiddler, Alex DePue. Wow.