One Thousand Gifts – Part 61

  • 471. This week’s insanely BEAUTIFUL weather.
  • 472. An emotionally charged debate on the use of the word “perfect”.
  • 473. A mom who still is ready to jump all over anyone who hurts her kids’ feelings.
  • 474. My husband. I can’t adequately convey here just how wonderful he is to me, so I’ll have to go for repetition!
  • 475. Christ-following friends that happen to also be coworkers.
  • 476. My beautiful little boy, who is quickly approaching the big T-W-O.
  • 477. A God-send in the form of a friend and fellow blogger who has taken a huge burden from my shoulders, and been very patient with me as we both get our bearings.
  • 478. The dethroning of yet another of my human idols. I often forget that we’re all human and my devotion, adoration and worship is to be given to the only One who deserves it.
  • 479. Cool evening breezes to cool the house.
  • 480. Weekends