Healthy for the Holidays – 2007 Exercise Challenge


Welcome to the Healthy for the Holidays 2007 Exercise Challenge!

The guidelines & plans are simple:

  1. You want to do something to improve your health
  2. You’d like to set a goal for yourself to be measured between now and the upcoming holidays.
  3. You want to have fun and share your progress with others who are working right along side you!
  4. The Challenge will run from September 10 – December 9 (90-days)
  5. I will post any tickers you care to share on the H4H status page
  6. Reply to this post in order to join in. I will email you the button code to link to the status page.
  7. You can set whatever challenge you want for your self – miles walked, pounds lost, minutes exercised – it’s up to you!
  8. (I’ll add extra stuff here as we go – in case questions come up.)
Disclaimer stuff: Always consult a physician prior to doing any new exercise, diet, etc. I’m not responsible for any crazy stuff anyone chooses to do that results in injuries, and the like. Also, I reserve the right to remove anything from my blog that is inappropriate.


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    Oh yes, count me in! I was thinking about hosting one myself, but right now I’m too busy with the makeover of my home, so in the end I never had the chance to put up the challenge. I’m happy you did! *lol*

    So what now? Do I create a ticker and send you the code? Please, email me the button code.

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    I’m in! Hubs & I head to Hawaii in Dec. for a vacation and my goal is to be able to wear a bikini. I’ve got a lot of work to do but I’m ready to do a lifestyle change!!

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    sign me up, baby!

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    This is what I’ve been looking for. I need to kick things into high gear to lose the fat from baby number 1 before thinking about baby number 2! Thanks.

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