Being a Mom

The past couple of days have been on auto-pilot. I haven’t been able to be very proactive about ANYTHING. I really dislike those days. The kind where you move in a blur, just responding, reacting, coping. I am hoping that today will be different. But I can already feel that it’s not. Except that I am blogging. I am choosing to take a few moments and sit and drink coffee and write.

Ok, I have a question. Am I a horrible mother to not be on the Yo Gabba Gabba train? I saw commercials of this atrocity and knew I wouldn’t allow it in my home. I have watched a portion of one episode, just to see if the show itself was as bad as the commercials and my captivation was not unlike being unable to turn away from the wreckage of a bad car accident. It’s like Teletubbies on crack. I don’t mind Teletubbies. It’s simple, inane, but calm. Do toddlers really need something MORE to amp them up? They don’t have enough energy as it is? Oy.

Ok, enough rant for one day.

I’m very excited, my mom is on the train right now, on her way to spend the day with us. In fact, she just called to give me the “20 minute warning” so I don’t get sidetracked and miss picking her up (which I have done…almost). I guess you never stop having to mom your kids in some respect or another – even when they are in their 30s!!



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    Say hi to your Mom for me Lundie! For the uneducated what exactly is Yo Gabba Gabba? Can’t they come up with a normal name for a kid’s show?

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    Oh, I forgot to mention I really like the new blog design. Very easy to read.

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    I bet you are accomplishing more than I am! LOL

    So great your mom is coming. 🙂

    I gave you an award today on our site. 🙂

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    Looks like you are being rained down with awards! Pick one up at my blog too! 🙂

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