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One Thousand Gifts – Part 59

  • 447. Watching the joy on my son’s face as he discovered the wonder of all the musical instruments in my Dad’s music room.
  • 448. Seeing J5 run to his grandparents without reserve though it had been a few months since seeing them.
  • 449. J5 sleeping the night through in the hotel. A miracle.
  • 450. Watching my not so little nephew perform magic card tricks.
  • 451. Seeing my niece beam with pride as she showed me her new “teen room”, complete with many shades of pink and purple, adorned with Hannah Montana photos and cool art.
  • 452. Spending time in my sister’s newly redesigned basement – you did some good work there sis!
  • 453. Perfectly cooked medium well steak, creamy cheesy potato casserole, melt in your mouth melon, sangria…shall I go on?
  • 454. The blessing of hand-me-down toys. They’re new to J5 and that’s all that matters!
  • 455. Fun with new technology.
  • 456. A site to keep you surfing uber-geekdom for a really long time
  • 457. Hearing J5’s belly laugh as he experienced his first car wash. A little terror mixed in with the excitement. Daddy likened it to a roller coaster ride.
  • 458. The opportunity to help a friend’s band get their first video. (If you feel like helping out, pick Elyzium!).
  • 459. The fun of charts and graphs and calendars and all sorts of delightful things to help me get a grip on the chaos.
  • 460. Being back home. There’s nothing like it.
  • 461. The ability to share a laugh (for those of us who lived and loved and worked in the 80’s).