One Thousand Gifts – Part 58

  • 436. Watching J5 press his toy cell phone into the crook of his neck and babble significantly into the mouthpiece. He is watching and learning and absorbing – all the time – even when I am not deliberately teaching.
  • 437. Hot vanilla creamer flavored coffee
  • 438. Re-acquaintance with the truth that I am a Temple of the Holy Spirit, that I am a work in progress, and that God is the General Contractor in charge of the repairs.
  • 439. Finding my identity is a blend of many things and is uniquely me – I don’t need to be anything but the me that God created. Not a people pleaser, nor a popular crowd follower. Just a lover of God, and husband, and son. A mom who works within my home – not only for pay, but also in service to my family.
  • 440. The absolutely wonderful, cool, refreshing morning breeze that is coming through our front window as I write this.
  • 441. PJs/Workout outfits (camisole & terry pants) that I got from Sam’s Club – makes it easier for me to keep up with the walking I committed to in the 2007 Summer Exercise Challenge.
  • 442. Knowing my mom is always just a phone call away when I need just a couple minutes of sane grown-up conversation.
  • 442. Staying connected with friends via IM
  • 443. The blogosphere
  • 444. The faithful companionship of our boxer, Avedis
  • 445. FlyLady’s methods to help me keep our home clutter free – even if the housework is not done “right” it still blesses my family.
  • 446. PBS programming – Knowing that Sesame Street is always there to faithfully make numbers and letters fun with laughter and songs. How can you not enjoy Cookie Monster eating the letter of the day, or hearing The Count and his ha-ha-ha?
  • 447. Blankies


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