One Thousand Gifts – Part 55

  • 421. Spending the day with my Mom. (And reaping the benefits of her built-in shopping super-deal spidey-senses! Although I was the one who found the $2.99 sweater without realizing it!)
  • 422. The good feeling of finally making progress in our kitchen – our pantries have been in dire need of “spring” cleaning.
  • 423. The weather cooling down enough to leave the windows open – hooray for fresh air!
  • 424. Hearing J5 start to work on words. We’ve heard versions of “Mom”, “Dad” and “Kitty Cat” (I know. Kitty Cat?!? Poor Avedis…)
  • 425. Another day that I exercised.
  • 426. The happy chirp of crickets in the evening.

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    Kitty Cat ??? Too funny. That is one big kitty….that drools. LOL – Amy

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