Baskety Goodness!

Ok, so one of the biggest eye-sores in our home has been The Pantry. It’s not really a pantry. It’s a notch in our kitchen that the builder stuck shelves in. It had an accordion door on it when we moved in, and that was cumbersome, so we removed the door to acquire some much needed additional storage space. The result, however, was to leave it open for viewing, with no ability to hide our piles of Ziploc bag boxes and Gladware containers and lids – neither of which like to stay in neat and tidy stacks.

Earlier this week, inspired by my mother-in-law, I decided to do a “Pantry Reboot”. Bring out all the food in the pantries and put it on whatever flat surfaces were available. Fortunately, we have a rectangular folding table that worked nicely next to my desk. The idea is to consume all the items from the pantry before buying a lot more groceries. For those of us who forget what is stashed in this corner or that…sometimes food items can get really old without realizing it. On my last pantry cleaning a couple years ago, I found food that we’d actually moved from our apartment…9 years before…

Anyway, back to The Pantry. As I was in a major cleaning mode, I realized I couldn’t do this entire process without putting things back in a nice way. A way that wouldn’t be such a consistent frustration to both myself and J4.

So, yesterday I ventured out to find some sort of solution. After an unsuccessful wander through K-Mart, I found exactly what we needed at Target! Woven Paper Baskets!!

Without further ado…I proudly present…The Pantry:

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    Looks GREAT Lundie! My pantry needs a serious rehaul. And I’ve been thinking that baskets would help. Hilarious about the 9 year old food. That sounds like something that would be in my freezer.

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