40 Things Before 40

I was wandering around the blogosphere and came across someone who had written a 40 Things I want to do before I turn 40. As I am now 36 years old, I started thinking there might be a few things I want to do in the next 4 years. It’s the closet thing to a “5-year” plan that I’ve thought about making. My goals tend to be SO much more short term, and usually of the “I think I’d like to…” nature.

So, anyway, without rambling on too much more, here’s my list:

  1. Fit into a size “S” something…anything…
  2. Go to Disney World with my family – Scheduled for December 2008
  3. Go on an romantic getaway / cruise / vacation
  4. Find a church home – Now attending CCC
  5. Turn our lawn into something beautiful
  6. Plant flowers in front of our home
  7. Have a small flower/vegetable garden
  8. Visit the Brookfield Zoo
  9. Finish my book lists – both fiction and non-fiction
  10. Finish my sampler crochet blanket
  11. Write my will
  12. Lose 70 lbs
  13. Get my hair cut in an actual “style” – perhaps even a short (**gasp** ) one!
  14. Come up with more things for this list

[ETA: I think I’ll not set my goal quite so high, or I’ll spend the next 4 years trying to come up with what to do and spend none of it actually DOING it.]


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    Great idea! I have a lifetime to-do list which I lost when I moved when I got married. I’ve been thinking I’d like to come up w/ another one.

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    What an awesome thought! I will have to do a list before 45, though, LOL.

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    No, I’d never seen your blog before, but you know how the blogosphere is…good ideas spread like wildfire! Thanks for sharing your link! I like the idea of a review party! Mine will be in 2011!

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