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[Lundie], give up your [comfort eating]!

I will answer your prayers

and take care of you. I am that glorious tree,

the source of your fruit. If you are wise, you will know

and understand what I mean.

I am the LORD, and I lead you

along the right path.

If you obey me,

we will walk together,

but if you are wicked,

you will stumble.

Hosea 14:8-9 (Contemporary English Version)

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May Day Challenge – Weigh In

(Ok, so I’m a day late, but I’m going to pretend I got this post in on time.)

I am happy at (0/0)! (And technically, since I’m really writing this on Wednesday, the 18th, I’m down another pound.) Woo hoo!!

This past week was a frustrating one, as my weight climbed up three, but came back down, so I’m feeling good even though the net change is 0.

I started a new Bible Study on eating God’s way (The Lord’s Table) – and I attribute my 3 lb loss to God and God alone!! I have faith and hope that this new direction my body is taking will continue as I “put all my eggs in HIS basket”.