Ok, so now what?

What does it mean when I’m not seeing any effects from my efforts? Does it mean that God isn’t answering prayers? Does it mean I am not working hard enough?

Or, more likely, does it mean that I am being given the opportunity to learn patience and perseverance?

I was so angry last night about my weight staying the same that I reverted to some old behavior and ate junk in the evening. Now I realize that I wasn’t behaving rationally. Spoiled rotten was more the mode. Today, I have repented (as I often do the next morning) and intend for today to be a day of fasting until I truly, unquestionably, hunger.

Katrina wrote a post this morning over at Faith Lifts about hungering and thirsting and it made me realize that we are called to not eat until we truly HUNGER. Not we feel like we might be hungry, or food sounds good, but when we are driven by our physical state to consume food. My eating has not been like that for a very long time.

One thing I am truly happy about though is that I’m on track with my physical exercise. I am still Walking the Walk with Leslie and it feels good. That’s one challenge I’m managing to participate in fully!

Well, enough for this morning. I have much to do. Have a blessed day!


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    Good for you for trying so hard to be healthy!!! And don’t be too hard on yourself girl – we all have bad days! πŸ™‚

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    11 miles so far…you are doing great!

    and you’re not alone…keep it up!!!

    blessings, mamabright πŸ™‚

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