May Day Challenge – Weigh In

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI am amazed at my ability to not waver in the least in my weight. I’m encouraged, though. This past weekend (Fathers’ Day) was filled with some SERIOUS indulgence to the point of pain. So, I guess when you pair that with an increased level of activity, you get “maintenance”. Too bad I really want to be in “loss” mode. 🙂

It will come.


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    Keep that great attitude going dear one, you are doing wonderful.

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    Serious indulgence and maintenance are a great combo. 🙂 Better luck at losing instead next week!

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    I can totally relate…but just remember to recommit and don’t quit! You can DO it! 🙂

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    It’s better to maintain than to gain! Hopefully this week will be better for you.

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    Good for you! Just keep on keeping on!

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    Let me tell you, you definitely have the right attitude so I have no doubt that the weight will come off. Just keep at it!!

    Good luck this week!

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    Keep up the work, just cutting out one indulgence should put you in the loss column!

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    Hang in there! And congrats on maintaining. We’ll have better weeks ahead!

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    I’m with ya… my numbers keep staying the same. We can do this!

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    Maintain…well, that’s definitely not a negative…so that’s good! It’s a whole new week to find a lesser number on that dang scale.

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    I have about 20 lbs to lose and thought I would be well on my way by this point in the challenge… 3lbs later- I am a bit annoyed! More determined than annoyed, I should say. I am increasing the level of my exercise. Seems to have helped a bit. Oh, and i have a pair of skinny pants I measure by instead of weighing in too much.

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