I am…a New Creature

“I am a new creature” TW 125

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Cor 5:17

In the last few days I have been shown time and again that my mindset matters. I received a faxed copy of a magazine article from a coworker, my Mom shared inspiration from a Book Club book she’s reading, one of the blogs I keep up with, and the Beth Moore book that I’m currently reading are all pointing to the fact that I have the ability to choose what I tell myself. I have the ability to choose to have a positive attitude, or I can have a negative one.

I had started writing a post about this verse a couple of days ago, but re-reading it again this evening, I can see a different message in it than I did before.

If I belong to Christ, meaning, if I have given my life to Jesus, and confessed my belief in him, then the rest is a done deal! I don’t mean I am perfect, or that I’m complete, but this verse says I have already become a new person. Now, if I’m not acting like it, then it is most likely because I have allowed myself to be deceived.

If I believe that what the Bible says is true, then my old life is gone. Really gone. And the new has come! It has already come. It is here. Now. Not someday. Not eventually. Not when I have more time. Now.

That being the case, what is stopping me from living that new life? Right now. This very minute? Nothing. Nothing and no one has the ability to revert my life back to the old. Nothing will separate me from the Love of God, and nothing can take away this New Life of mine!

Abba Father. You are mind-blowingly amazing. I find so much hope and life and peace in this verse tonight. It is a gift from you — this truth. I already AM changed. I am living the New Life from you right this very minute. I don’t want to waste another moment feeling beaten down, tired, exhausted, weary and discouraged. Please clear away the lies I have been believing and replace it with your healing truth. Guide me in eliminating the attitudes and behaviors that contradict the truth that is “alive and active in me”. Thank you, Father.

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