By Faith, Lundie…

At the end of the Believing God book, by Beth Moore, we’re to imagine that our name goes at the end of the “By Faith…” chapter in Hebrews.

So, what have I done today by faith? I resisted the urge to eat something…anything…during my work time this evening. That has become one of my “usual” things to do. I think I do it so I don’t feel sorry for myself that I’m working late in the evening. It’s like a special “pamper me” thing that does me no good whatsoever.

As a Daughter of God, it’s my place to trust God and to serve others. As I wash out my son’s sippy cups for the 27th time this week, and pick up toys that seem to migrate back to their locations all over the floor moments from my cleaning up, I have been reminding myself that this is the work that God has given me. It’s the work of a mother. It is what I have wanted. I just didn’t realize that it can cause such mental wear and tear.

I have been a semi-regular reader of Ann V. of The Holy Experience of Listening. She has been an inspiration to me on how routine, everyday tasks are truly a form of worship. I have so much to learn. I have been crabby and ungrateful and I feel awful about it.

I am blessed to have a job that I can work at any hour of the day or night. It’s time for me to start seeing all of the “issues” that have cropped up lately as challenges for my mind. I forget that I am still capable of setting my own boundaries and these issues do not always necessitate losing sleep.

I am extremely blessed to have a loving, hardworking, super-smart husband who makes it possible for me to be our son’s primary caregiver, rather than a stranger. I have a son who has the purest heart and is the sunshine in our days.

It’s past time for me to live in gratitude and praise, and in living, moment-to-moment faith that God has indeed blessed me and has placed me exactly where I am for His own purposes. Instead of focusing on any little stressor, I need to view my day as it comes, seeing instead, the hand of my Father, holding me and molding me – just as I do my son.

Well, this post sort of wandered, but I want to come back to my point. I would like to live my day so that at the end of it, it can be said of me, “By faith, Lundie….”