One Thousand Gifts – Part 47

  • 371. Absolutely PERFECT weather for a trip to a local petting zoo
  • 372. My wonderful J4 bringing me home Oreo Overload from Cold Stone Creamery last night – which I thoroughly enjoyed this evening, while watching a movie with him. (Believe me, you’ve got romance babe!)
  • 373. Accidentally stumbling on the geeky fun of new health and fitness sites!
  • 374. The most precious little patootie in the whole world – making me one happy mama.
  • 375. Babystepping and looking at life around me. I want to slow down and take the small steps and really LIVE life. No more flailing and ducking-my-head-and-plowing-through life. Truly one day at a time. This moment, this now is precious. Thank you, Lord!