One Thousand Gifts – Part 45

  • 356. 36 years of life under my belt.
  • 357. A loving husband with an unbelievable sense of humor.
  • 358. The opportunity to spend time with a lot of old dear friends. (Sorry about the “old” part, but graduation WAS 18 years ago!! LOL!)
  • 359. So many fun photos taken at the HS Reunion!
  • 360. Being sung to three times today! Kind of embarrassing, but so totally sweet!
  • 361. Playing with bubbles outside with J5
  • 362. Sunshine
  • 363. Fresh asparagus (this weekend) from a good friend’s garden. You rock, Bobbie!
  • 364. Being able to have all the “old gang” and their spouses and new additions over to our home – bringing to light just how blessed I truly am. (My DH and I didn’t date in HS – he was a wild boy and I was a quiet studious one…but I eventually figured it out!!)
  • 365. Eating out for my birthday so I don’t have to cook!
  • 366. Heather’s encouraging news.