Mothers’ Day Meme – 7 Random Things

I was tagged for this meme by Amy. I’m sure I’ve repeated these items somewhere before, but I’ll try to keep them fresh. There are only so many things to know about me. 😀

  1. I can say the alphabet backwards.
  2. I have an aversion to bare feet. Others’ feet, not my own. Seeing bare toes gives me the heebie-jeebies. When I worked at Arthur Andersen many years ago, and they went to business casual, and included open toed shoes in the “ok” list, I thought I was going to lose it! It’s better than it used to be though. I’m working on it.
  3. I pretty much knew I was going to be an accountant when I was 17, and…lo and behold…
  4. I went to grade school in a one-room schoolhouse.
  5. I used to play with garter snakes at recess.
  6. My childhood home was a geodesic dome based on Buckminster Fuller’s designs.
  7. I was a computer programmer for over 7 years.

ETA: Oops! I forgot I’m supposed to tag some people. I choose to tag:


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    OK, here goes, but some of these may be repeats:
    1. I learned to play flute in grade school bc of a boy I thought was cute ( I needed to get in Band class and sit near him!) Years later I kept playing, and played with several high school bands and 2 symphonies, one youth.
    2. When I was younger I loved watching The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie and couldn’t wait to be part of those families.
    3. I do too many things at once, and do get most of them done.
    4. Despite for years denying that which my father said would be a perfect career for me, I love working with kids.
    5. I have always wanted to drive a vintage Beetle, Pre 1974.
    6. Lastly, if given only one wish, I would wish for my sons’ salvation, depsite taking them to church, and all the other “right” things, I still am unsure if they are saved or have a personal relationship with God.

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    Ooops, and
    7. sometimes do not read all the instructions and cannot count to 7!

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    I am completely undone. You can say the alphabet backwards. You must be a genius. Hope you are having a great week. I have been swamped. Will try to get my answers together soon.

    Thank you for thinking about me. Love and hugs, Lynn

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