BuddySlim ~ MySpace for weight loss

Ok, I’m a sucker for new sites to track and blog and stuff. I do have a MySpace page. I’m not a friend-a-holic there. I only add people that I have some sort of pre-established relationship with.

A couple of days ago I found I was looking for a better ticker to put on this site as the TickerCentral site doesn’t seem to be very stable lately. Not only did I find a ticker, but a site much like MySpace that has mail, a blog, but it also comes with weight tickers, food logs, exercise logs, BMI calculators and all the fun.

I realize that the Thin Within mindset is very different that the forumlaic “calories in – calories used = weight loss” that you will find offered here. HOWEVER – what I DO like about the site is the opportunity to have a place to blog repeatedly about my eating without boring any readers to tears. I also like having a weight loss ticker and a food log. I am not paying any real attention to the “math” that the log does for me. What I am finding useful is just seeing what I’m eating. Entering it into this log is really opening my eyes at the quality of food that I have been eating. And it’s not pretty. My quantity and quality have been horrendous.

So, for a season I plan to journal about each meal on my BuddySlim blog with blunt honesty (Thank you Heidi & Pam for the nudge in that direction!) about my plans for the next meal, for the emotions that are bound to show up along the way. Some active “observation and correction” will be happening there!

If you set up a page for yourself – please “friend me”!

My BuddySlim page