Thin Within Again

I’m trying Thin Within again. No pun intended…

Today is Day 1 and already I can tell it’s working. You know how? I’m irritable and cold. One of the weird things that happens to my body when I stop overfeeding it is I get really, really cold in the evening. And that kicks off the cravings for Hot Cocoa – when I’m not hungry. Of course, hot tea just doesn’t sound good (but would serve the same warming purpose).

So, hot bath it was instead. And it’s time to head for bed. Sometimes, the best way to win the fight for the day is to end the day. 😉


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    Thanks so much for your encouragement. I am starting THin wthin today too. I just listened to the podcast on gluttony, and am very convicted. Please email me back (if you have time) so I can know someone who is doing THin within.


    Susan Grey
    Phoenix, AZ

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    There is a new group starting on Yahoo! Groups. If you hurry, you might make it in time…

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