Prayer Request

I would like to request that anyone who reads here please keep my friend, Heather, in your prayers today. She was just diagnosed with a glioma on her brain.

Heather is a wife, a mom to three, a designer at SwankWebStyle, and a vital part of the Moms of Grace, Faith Lifts, The Homeschool Blog Awards, and Sand, Sea and School.

Laura will be keeping us updated via Heather’s site.

If you have a blog, and you wouldn’t mind, I ask that you post a request for prayer for her and her family.

Thank you SO much!


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    Great way to use your blog for God’s good! I have posted a request on my blog as well. I am just stunned right now. My whole body has chills. I can’t imagine how much she has had to go through and now this. We must pray for her to keep her strong!

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    Yes, we are praying for Heather! I am praying that the “incense” of saintly prayers will fill Heaven until God provides a miracle for Heather and her family!


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    Hi Lundie, it’s Melody from MOG. Of course I am praying and following Heather’s story and have posted a prayer request on Slurping Life. Question, is there a way for me to get the “Prayers for Heather” button shown in your sidebar? I would love to have it posted on my blog.


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    Hi Lundie…. It’s your stitchin’ gal pal, Shannon. How can I get the Icon also? I have updated my blog some…. just a wee bit but would be happy to add it to my site and contribute. Let me know how please…..


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    We’ve started a bloggy prayer chain over at my site for sweet Heather. Thank you for encouraging others to pray!

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