One Thousand Gifts – Part 43

  • 341. The reminder that gratitude counters pride and fosters humility.
  • 342. This week coming to an end. It’s been filled with illness, stress, and exhaustion.
  • 343. The 5 minutes that the sun peeked out this afternoon in this day of thunderstorms.
  • 344. God having higher endurance and staying power than I.
  • 345. Baby Motrin.
  • 346. Progress and a plan for Heather.
  • 347. Carpet in the basement – it’s finally done! We can start gettin’ moved in down there!
  • 348. Transcripts from evening chat meetings I missed…
  • 349. The right scripture at the right time.
  • 350. Learning that multi-tasking is hazardous to my mental health.