One Thousand Gifts – Part 41

  • 326. A glorious Saturday morning in which my 18 month old decided to go back to sleep after waking at 6:40 AM…letting mommy and daddy sleep until almost 7:30 AM!!
  • 327. Macadamia nut pancakes with J4 and J5
  • 328. Steaming hot coffee
  • 329. Getting caught up with my blog reading and even having a chance to write a few blessings down for the record!
  • 330. Finding so many old friends in preparation for a significant alumni weekend
  • 331. Did I say “steaming hot coffee” already? I did? Yeah, that again! Yum!
  • 332. Time to read a little
  • 333. The way time seems to slow on some weekends
  • 334. Having my guys home with me
  • 335. Naps
  • 336. The generosity of “the internets