Ok, I’m starting to see a trend here

I’m down 4 lbs. in the 3 days I’ve been doing Thin Within. It is so easy for me to try to dismiss this as simple fluctuations in my weight, but I think it’s more.

The first two days of the book are really inspiring to me. I read this book before, back in August 2004. I wrote in my book back then. I can see some real differences in what I’m noting and underlining. This time, it’s more about what I can learn about God from this process, and less about what *I* need to do.

I had a lightbulb moment this morning. It’s about God and me. And even more clearly, it’s about Him. About how awesome He is. And I mean awesome in the “totally cool wow” sense – not just the church language sense. I am feeling a sense of relief in this process. Like I am actually resting in Him for a time. I know I’m going to try to pick back up and control things – it’s just a matter of time before that part of me tries to reassert itself, but I hope to recognize it and stop it.

I have yet to read Day 3 – my morning just sort of flew by before I realized it was time to work. But I’ll get there. And I am excited about what I am going to learn.


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    Awesome, awesome, awesome, Lundie! Praising God with you! 😀 So glad you decided to come on over to the TW_Support group!

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    Ok, I’ve been surfing to gleen info on TW, and happened across you all chatting to each other. How can I be part of this? I have gone to a TW support group once. I read some of the book last year and I am trying to start it again.

    A several years ago I was very involved in Weigh down workshop and lost 50 lbs. I ate out of hunger and fullness and went to God instead of food. I almost reached my goal weight and felt so wonderful. But then the message of Weigh down began to be one of guilt and condemnation if you struggle with the sin of overeating. It began to really shake my faith, would I end up in hell because I am rebellious and not totally obedient to God? As the founder of Weigh down says ” the road to hell is paved with good intentions ”
    I am a born again christian and the thought of hearing God say “depart from me, for I never knew you” was devestating to me. I cried out to God for discernment.
    I am solid again in my faith and know that God’s grace is why i will be in heaven some day. I am covered by the blood of Jesus even when I fall in temptation.
    But sadly I have gradually gained back all my weight back. I am so depressed and can’t seem to get convicted like I was in the beginning. I want to do well but seem overwhelmed.
    I need encouragment and support.
    Thanks for listening to me, I wish you all the best in this journey.


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