O & C

I decided to start writing about my “Observations and Corrections” in my behaviors. So, this will be a new “regular feature” for myself.


  • After I put my son down for his nap (around 10:30/11:00 AM), I come back downstairs to my desk, to continue working, and I consider eating an early lunch. It has no relationship to whether or not I am hungry. I am looking for an immediate “pamper me” moment because he’s now asleep and I have some time to myself.


  • I don’t know exactly what the right “correction” is, but I am definitely not going to be hungry immediately after his nap on a daily basis. It’s more likely that I will be hungry another hour or two later. So, the right action is to stop procrastinating the fact that I have to work. I will sit at my desk. I will check for unlikely hunger signs. Then I will respond. I can’t have a plan for something that has not happened.

I think what makes this the most hard is that I crave routine. I am not yet practiced enough in my hunger and food volume to be truly planned about. So, instead I will have to actually pay attention to my CURRENT hunger signals and make the decision at that point. It’s not a comfortable method of living for me, but maybe that’s the point. I need to get used to it. In many areas. I need to stop worrying about what is coming and just deal with what *IS*.