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One Thousand Gifts – Part 39

  • 311. The surprise of snow in the middle of what should be spring
  • 312. Events to cause me to pause and take stock of life
  • 313. My husband and son
  • 314. A job to provide income
  • 315. A warm home
  • 316. Food in our fridge & pantry
  • 317. Nap time
  • 318. Chapstick
  • 319. Old beat up comfy sweatshirts
  • 320. TiVoed Star Trek Voyager for distraction
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My heart aches tonight for a friend. Perspectives altered. Questions unanswered. Reality shaken.

Oh Father. What to say? What to ask? Healing. Please? Just healing. Your will. Your perfect will. Arms of comfort. Peace. I have no words. Please.