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Prayer Request – Renewed

As you already know, if you’ve been reading here for a while, my friend Heather is in great need of our prayer right now. This Thursday, she will undergo surgery to hopefully remove a tumor from her brain.

Kelli, at Living in Grace, has set up a prayer chain that I would ask you to participate in if at all possible.

Heather is a wife, a mom to three, a designer at SwankWebStyle, and a vital part of the Moms of Grace, Faith Lifts, The Homeschool Blog Awards, and Sand, Sea and School.

So, if you have a blog, and you wouldn’t mind, I ask that you post a request for prayer for her and her family, and participate in Kelli’s chain.

Thank you SO much!

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A Mommy’s Perspective

This afternoon we took our 1 1/2 year old son, Jack, to play in the park. He toddled around the monstrous pieces of equipment for a little while, but after a few minutes he made a bee-line for the street…

Read the rest of this devotional at A Group Blog for Christian Moms

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I’m over at Faith Lifts today – “From a Mommy’s Perspective”

It’s Monday, so I’m over here

A Group Blog for Christian Moms

Come join us!

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One Thousand Gifts – Part 44

  • 351. Beautiful weather
  • 352. Having flexibility in my work arrangements
  • 353. Working for a Christian employer who supports my desire to remain the primary caregiver of my son
  • 354. A wonderful husband who supports me in every way
  • 355. J5’s fever was short lived
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One Thousand Gifts – Part 43

  • 341. The reminder that gratitude counters pride and fosters humility.
  • 342. This week coming to an end. It’s been filled with illness, stress, and exhaustion.
  • 343. The 5 minutes that the sun peeked out this afternoon in this day of thunderstorms.
  • 344. God having higher endurance and staying power than I.
  • 345. Baby Motrin.
  • 346. Progress and a plan for Heather.
  • 347. Carpet in the basement – it’s finally done! We can start gettin’ moved in down there!
  • 348. Transcripts from evening chat meetings I missed…
  • 349. The right scripture at the right time.
  • 350. Learning that multi-tasking is hazardous to my mental health.
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Well, I learned today that I still have my free and stubborn will.

Tomorrow is another day. One in which His mercies will be new, and I can take a step in his direction rather than in my own.

Would be so easy to just give up…but I cannot.

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O & C

I decided to start writing about my “Observations and Corrections” in my behaviors. So, this will be a new “regular feature” for myself.


  • After I put my son down for his nap (around 10:30/11:00 AM), I come back downstairs to my desk, to continue working, and I consider eating an early lunch. It has no relationship to whether or not I am hungry. I am looking for an immediate “pamper me” moment because he’s now asleep and I have some time to myself.


  • I don’t know exactly what the right “correction” is, but I am definitely not going to be hungry immediately after his nap on a daily basis. It’s more likely that I will be hungry another hour or two later. So, the right action is to stop procrastinating the fact that I have to work. I will sit at my desk. I will check for unlikely hunger signs. Then I will respond. I can’t have a plan for something that has not happened.

I think what makes this the most hard is that I crave routine. I am not yet practiced enough in my hunger and food volume to be truly planned about. So, instead I will have to actually pay attention to my CURRENT hunger signals and make the decision at that point. It’s not a comfortable method of living for me, but maybe that’s the point. I need to get used to it. In many areas. I need to stop worrying about what is coming and just deal with what *IS*.

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Nothing to say today

I just wrote a really long email to my friend, Heidi, so most of my heart was just poured out there and I don’t have much to say. I will however, share that this post she wrote makes a lot of sense and will undoubtedly impact future posts of mine.

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One Thousand Gifts – Part 42

  • 337. J5 letting me sleep in until 8:00 AM!!!! (Kinda sad that that’s how I started my last grateful day, though I guess that really explains how to get me grateful…let me sleep!!!)
  • 338. The joy of seeing a 1-year-old completely dig the birthday present we gave him!! (Thanks again for the idea Amy!!)
  • 339. Spending the late afternoon sitting on the back deck, in perfect weather, watching J5 and Avedis run in circles and play in the back yard.
  • 340. Sitting on the couch with J4, after J5 went to bed, eating a late supper and watching House. Just good relax time.
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In a TW support chat tonight someone said something about hunger that totally hit home. She said, “Hunger brings me to a transparent place before the Lord.”

I have been giving myself free rein with my food this week. I have not told myself “no” more than once or twice, and only just because I was in physical pain from what I had already eaten.


What am I hiding? What is it that I think I can hide? And exactly who am I hiding it from? God? Or myself? If I don’t get down to what is really bothering me, will it not bother me?

It started shortly after I found out a relatively new friend got some life-altering news. It rocked my world in a way that was unexpected. I don’t think I’ve found my balance since then. It’s like nothing made sense anymore. Nothing seemed normal. Things changed in small ways that made everything seem unfamiliar…even hostile.

So, as a default, I returned headfirst into eating. I stopped my morning study of TW. I haven’t read the Bible at all. I haven’t read any of the Divine Hours prayers. Nothing. I have, however plunged head-first into service. Helping out wherever I can – making myself useful. It seems my path to feeling better about myself is paved with being useful and pleasing people. And yet I still eat.

Tonight I have just about come to the end of all my energy. My internal momentum is grinding to a halt. In TW terms, I’m living the pendulum life (between license and legalism), and can see I’m about to head full into the legalism stage…unless I make some deliberate changes. Unless I stop the default path of my life and just get quiet. I haven’t been listening for the past several days. I am so afraid to get quiet. I am afraid of what I might hear. I am afraid of truth.

We (J4 and I) are looking at making some pretty hefty decisions, and I am terrified, absolutely in a panic over our considered changes. I don’t want to make the changes, but then I do, but then I don’t. I feel like I cannot rest until it’s resolved, but it will do nothing but harm to rush through the decisions we’re making.

I need to get quiet, and get honest with God, and then just listen. I don’t know if I have the patience for that.

Lord, give me the strength to be weak, and the confidence to put myself at your mercy, and the stillness to speak the truth to you.