Thin Within?

I am thinking about getting re-involved in Thin Within. I got an email from their director a few days ago. They’re redoing their website. Will definitely wait until that happens. I tried to start a group a few years back, but the two women that came never came back.

I believe in the truth that I’ve learned in The Lord’s Table. I just think I need to have people to talk to. Face to face. To support each other. Regular discussion.

Or maybe I’m supposed to do this on my own. Just me and God. I don’t know. Need to mull that one over.


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    Oh, I HIGHLY recommend Thin Within! I’ve had much success with it! And, the online Yahoo! support group is tremendously helpful! The ladies there are so encouraging and uplifting. Come on over and check it out!

    In the meantime, I will send up prayers for you. I’ve struggled with my weight for the last 7 years, but finally feel as though God is lifting me out of this “pit” (Have you read Beth Moore’s “GET OUT OF THAT PIT!”, yet?), and I can see the light of deliverance! 😀
    My TW journey at Thin Within 4 Life

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    LOL… Sorry. I’m sure, by the title of your blog, you already KNOW about Beth’s book — and I was silly to ask my question. My apologies. 😡

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    LOL. Yes, I’ve read the book, and that was what inspired this blog. I participated in Thin Within shortly after leaving the Weigh Down Workshop, but it never “took” for me. I read both of the books that inspired the Thin Within that exists today. The only way I will rejoin is if I can do so in a face to face group. To be honest, I have pretty much all the *knowledge* that things like Thin Within, The Lord’s Table, and even Get Out of the Pit teach…it’s the converting the knowledge to action that eludes me. But I persevere…

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