The struggle continues

Second night in a row that I was faced with that same driving force. That overwhelming need to finish those 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 bites of food after I knew I was done. I can see this will be battlefield #1. Knowing where the temptation will strike is good knowledge. I guess I need to have a plan-ahead thought. I know that praying before my meal is something I struggle with. I just plain forget. I have my “Divine Hours” book that has prayers for those timeframes (meals) and I really want to get into that habit.

I have finally gotten into the habit for the ones upon waking and for retiring. I just need the mid-day ones to come to mind a little more regularly. I guess that’s the challenge in this, isn’t it? Retraining myself to stay connected with God ALL DAY LONG. Not just here and there when I need something. Hm. Will have to take some steps to get those habits built.