Coffee v. Lundie

I really do need to start posting about the victories I have, but the losses are so much more impactful…

You can insulate yourself from the temptation for only so long. At some point you have to get out there, plant your own two feet upon that rock, and resist. Once, then twice. Ten times, then twenty-five. Thirty times, then fifty till your flesh submits and your enemy gives up on that front and quits. Sooner or later, relying on the power of Christ acting through you, you’re going to have to face your foe and win. You can’t just run from him and hide, because he’ll keep showing up wherever you go.”
GOOTP p. 164

This morning I was unprepared for battle. I tried to pretend this wasn’t really a battle. If I just close my ears I won’t hear the Holy Spirit’s guiding whisper to my soul. I stuck my fingers in my ears and made a second cup of coffee. (Lundie coffee is heavy with creamer & sweetener – and I was done with breakfast). I didn’t just lose the battle, I walked right up to the enemy and handed him my weapons in exchange for that stupid cup!

Picking up. Dusting off. Resettling my feet on the Rock.