Book Review – Get Out of That Pit – Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Get Out of That Pit, by Beth Moore

I have been procrastinating this book review for several days. It’s been a weird and challenging couple of weeks and I’ve been at a loss for words. I’ve been able to chat here and there on forums, but my blogging has died and I’m struggling to write – about a Beth book no less!!

I’ll post a brief review now, and who knows, maybe I’ll get my words going and come back and tell more.

Content: 9
Writing Style: 9
Re-readability: 7

Content – I had a hard time getting going in this book. I think I was afraid it wouldn’t apply to me. According to Beth, there are three ways into the pit. To be 1) thrown in; 2) slip in; or 3) jump in.

I have not suffered any traumatic childhood event, nor am I a victim of anything at the hands of others, so the entire chapter on being thrown in did not apply to me. I don’t know if she started with that because it was her experience, or whether it was a logical progression. I almost didn’t continue reading. Half way through chapter two, I did something I almost NEVER do. I skipped ahead. The perfectionist in me normally forces me to read every word, but I was so desperate to find answers that I made the assumption I was an “Option 3” person. That I’ve jumped into this pit I live in. But as I read that chapter, it didn’t apply to me very solidly either. So, back to the chapter on slipping in. There. That fit better.

Once I settled down to read this part, it was pretty good. But I’d already made myself a little crazy jumping around everywhere. I read in bits and pieces as any mother with a toddler will understand. Hours of luxurious reading are a thing of the past.

To be honest, there were a few really good quotes that made me have hope. I have bookmarked them for a second read through. I don’t feel I gave this book quite the attention it warrants.

Writing style – That’s probably the best thing about the book. I love to read Beth write. I’ve listened to enough of her online radio broadcasts that I can hear her voice as I read. That southern drawl is truly endearing.

Re-readability – I only gave it a 7, yet I think I am going to reread it again right now. To me, this scale is more about whether I will keep it on my shelf to read again every couple of years. I hope and pray that I’ve found my way out of my pit and don’t need this particular assistance anymore. But who knows. I’m certainly not opposed to reading her writing multiple times.

Overall, I recommend this book if you have a pit in your life that you want out of!

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    Lundie-I struggled with getting into this book as well. I have not written about it as I finally just gave up. I am tempted to pick it up again as I’ve recently regained 7 pounds of the 35 I lost last year and think I am headed back into a pit. Maybe I’ll take your advice and skip around a bit.


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