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The beam in my eye

Well, that’s not quite the right analogy, but it’s what popped into my head. In my illness and my quiet reflective time, I have learned what it means to be weak.

I MUST embrace (or more accurately, fully accept) my weakness. And I must practice being strong with God’s strength.

And that means I must stop playing around and address the #1 issue that faces me.

The Pit.

Before I can expect any direction from God in my life, I have to be up and out of the pit I’m in. I can’t travel until I’m up on Solid Ground. Until I’m standing firmly on The Rock.

For those one or two people who read this blog – I have started yet another. It’s a pit-based blog. I will only write in it for as long as it takes for me to fight that fight.

I promise. Once I figure out which of these blogs are the most “me”, I will merge them and be more “united”. Until then…

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The beginning of this blog

I was just going to just call this post “The beginning” but this is hardly the beginning of my struggles to get out of the Pit that is my addiction to food. But, I am really going to be “out there” and open and honest about my “Pit Life” and make my way out.

BTW, all the “pit” talk is referencing Beth Moore’s book, Get Out Of That Pit.

Stay tuned.