I’ve been tagged for a meme!

A friend from MOG, Cheryl, tagged me for the following meme:

The question is: Give 5 Reasons Why I Blog.

  1. I have three blogs, so there are three separate reasons to start with. This blog – I started this blog just to have something to do. Somewhere to write and play and share with family and friends.
  2. J5’s blog. (Invitation only). I blog on this one to share pictures and updates on our little goofy-toofy’s life.
  3. Lundie’s Quest. I blog over there to write about spiritual things. Struggles and inspirations. That one is a little “heavier” than my random wandering fare.
  4. To feel involved. Being a WAHM, I am isolated from people in general. Blogging makes me feel like I’m at least reachable. The blogosphere is huge and has it’s own sense of community.
  5. To clear my head. I can gather my thoughts and tie them up in a nice little post. I have always journalled, and journalling online is more fun – you can link, and highlight, and format to your hearts content. And if you are lucky, people will write back to you!!

I’m also supposed to tag others so. So…Amy (MySpace), Tina (AM), and Shannon.



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    I was just tagged for this one too. I put mine up this morning. Very fun meme. I liked your #5!

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    I love reading these kinds of memes. Blogging is such an interesting pursuit. . . .

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