How I know my husband loves me!!

About a week or two ago, I came to the realization that I desperately needed a Dust Buster. I don’t know why it took so long. If you know me, you’ll realize that I’m not a gadget buyer. I don’t like to shop (hate it, hate it, HATE IT!). J4 and I are the epitome of practicality.

So, it was pretty big when I declared this need for a powerful Dust Buster. I think it was about the 479th smooshed goldfish cracker into the play mat that triggered it.

Anyway…a couple of days later, as I was heating up the oven, AGAIN, for two measly chicken nuggets for J5, I realized that an appliance that would significantly increase the efficiency of my life would be a toaster oven. I have never owned one. I wasn’t even sure if I would know how to use one (but was certain it would come with directions in so many languages that I would not fail!)

Well, starting last Friday, J5 got sick with the sniffles. I got hit with some sort of tummy flu-bug. Then J5 got a fever. We got him drugs. Then after recovering from bug #1, I started to come down with the stuff J5’s had. The last two days have been sheer misery.

This afternoon, while J5 was taking his nap, J4 offered to go out and pick up some emergency groceries and some soup.

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, my amazing man came home with these:



Does that not just scream “I love my wife!!!”? He heard me say what I really wanted / needed, and he not only went out and found both items, but I certainly could not have picked out anything better! He spent quite a bit of time looking at different models (that “hell” better known as “shopping”) and based on what I’d described as my needs, picked out precisely what would do the trick!

People, this was better than a dozen roses and a box of chocolates!!! I kid you not. I just had to share. I am seriously the luckiest woman in the world.


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    i wish i hated shopping. i like your new gadgets! =)

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    This, even know its quite old, caught my attention. I thought to myself wow she hates shopping,. how could someone not like shopping? I live for shopping. That would be a perfect job, maybe a secret shopper lol.
    You are one lucky woman, your husband must absolutely adore you and care for you beyond anything that I possibly know (my bf is a total cheap skate and wouldnt buy me pennacillin if I was dying) nice huh? Your Husband is a keeper 🙂 your so lucky, you right now, are living the life I really wish I had… Unfortunatly it seems like I am deemed to live a life of literal insanity and total hell.
    I do thankyou for sharing this for a few short minutes I could imagine a life like yours 🙂

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