Friday Fortitude

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  1. The Chores
  2. – Five minute declutter in each room of the house.
    – Swiffer the main floor
    – WetJet the kitchen & dining room

  3. Staff Meeting with God
  4. – I will get up before J5 and sit with my Bible and a notepad to sketch out the weekend with God.

  5. Taking Care of Me
  6. – Chix N Stix (Gathering of friends at a Caribou Coffee to crochet or knit.


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    Sounds like a great plan, Lundie! Have a wonderful, blessed weekend enjoying your family!


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    Hey Lund, I had loads of fun tonight, can’t wait till next time. I did get some blog stuff going, really just minumum “schtuff”… I am still not sure how this works, so I think it is . See ya soon, Shannon

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