Stiff Necked Ox

I listen to Beth Moore’s Living Proof weekly Bible study here.

The study called “Building New Walls – 6”, for Monday, January 22.

Wow. I got a word picture of myself as a stubborn, powerful, stiff-necked ox that just resounded with me. It isn’t until I submit to Christ’s yoke that I become useful.

Useful. This is what I want to be most in life. It’s what I hope to teach J5. J5 learns about it almost daily by watching Thomas, he learns about being a “really useful engine”.

Why do I fight the yoke so often?

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    I think that most of us fight that yoke. We are fighting for control of our life and we don’t want to give up the control. If we would, then everything else would fall into place. Blessings!

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