One Thousand Gifts – Part 16

  • 160. Missing the ice storm by several hours while traveling back from my parents house
  • 161. Spending time with my side of the family
  • 162. Discovering that my mother and I have exactly the same laugh – which made it impossible to stop laughing
  • 163. Spreading Christmas out into January
  • 164. Seeing my son turn on the charm with Grandma and Grandpa
  • 165. Seeing my mom “get Jack” the same way I do – and understanding that’s the way she “got me” when I was little…somethings are just too good not to pass on
  • 166. The generosity of Aunt Kendra to take Jack to go look at fun things while Mommy and Daddy take a small breather at dinner
  • 167. Answered prayer at 12:15AM
  • 168. Baby boy’s first big-tub bath
  • 169. (Never get tired of this one) Hearing Daddy and Jack play together upstairs while I take a few minutes to myself
  • 170. Being home after a trip
  • 171. Grandpa volunteering to do clean-up-crew duty under Jack’s high chair after a particularly messy breakfast
  • 172. Grandma and Jack taking pictures with Grandma’s computer
  • 173. Avedis relaxing enough to both drink and eat
  • 174. Blue’s Clues on the Big Screen


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    Wonderful list! There is nothing quite like someone “getting” your child, is there! Have a good week, Lundie! Blessings

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    those are wonderful things to be thankful for. I have to admit, I am slacking at my list – at lot!

    Thank you for stopping by today at Laced with Grace.

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