My New Years Meditations – 2007

Though I have not typically done any New Year’s resolutions, I was inspired by Laurel Wreath’s New Year’s Meditations. As of January 1, Laurel will have a “Mr. Linky” set up so you can read many other similar bloggings.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts, dreams, prayers, hopes and wishes for 2007:

  • More God. I want my day to start with me jumping on his God-sized lap for a “Good Morning!”, and heading off to my day having had a full meal for my soul.
  • Less Lundie. I want to respond to God’s nudging with obedience all the way to victory. This can and will be most clearly reflected in my relationship with and behavior towards food.
  • Friends, friends and more friends! I want much more interaction with all our good friends that have been neglected for any number of (and no good) reasons. (We started with sleep deprivation [new baby], and ended up with overall busyness and stress, but it’s time for that to go!)
  • Good books. I want an ambitious and completed 2007 Book List!
  • Love unleashed. I withhold so much of myself from others out of fear and doubt and lack of trust and faith. This year I want to throw caution to the wind and love like it’s goin’ out of style! It’s the one commandment that matters.
  • A church home and a church family.
  • And, as always, health and happiness with and for my most wonderful husband and son!


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    Great list, I love the
    God size lap.

    I am excited to see
    your 2007 book list. Books
    are my weakness.

    Happy New Year.


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    I loved the flair in which you wrote about a God-sized lap and throwing caution to the wind. Oh, how I need to remember to sit and spend even a second with the Lord before I hit the pavement running (my children wake between 5:30 and 6 am so my main time with the Lord is at night).

    I hope you can find a good church family. Blessings for 2007!

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    Great list! And great book list as well! Blessings in 2007.

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    Crawling into His lap is the best moment of any day! I enjoyed your list! I hope that you have a wonderful 2007!


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    What a great way of pulling together your meditations! Short, concise, and definitely Godly. I echo your prayers, especially the one places you in God’s lap each morning. Thanks for the beautiful image that will help me start my day tomorrow.

    From Under the Pile,

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