My 2007 Book List

  1. Markings, Dag Hammarskjold
    – I found out about this book from an army chaplain‘s blog I talked about back in November.

  2. [Finished February 2007]

    Danger in the Shadows, Dee Henderson


  3. [Finished March 2007]

    Get Out of That Pit!: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance, Beth Moore


  4. Before I Wake, Dee Henderson

    – In process

  5. Praying God’s Word Day by Day, Beth Moore
    – Need to purchase

  6. Seventh-day Adventists Believe, General Conference Ministerial Department
    – Received this for Christmas.

  7. [Finished February 2007]

    Cause of Death, Patricia Cornwell


  8. New Testament from “The One Year Bible: Arranged in 365 Daily Readings (New Living Translation)”
    – Will be reading the NT only, though will probably also read the Psalms and Proverbs along with it because the tidbits each day aren’t that long.

    – Got behind in my reading when I got sick for a couple of weeks. Too discouraging to try to catch up. Perhaps next year…

  9. Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis
    – I may actually borrow a friends version on CD instead of “reading” it but I’ll still count it and review it. 🙂

  10. God’s Gift, Dee Henderson
    – Reprint of Dee’s 2nd novel. I look forward to reading it…

  11. Sisterchicks On The Loose, Robin Jones Gunn
    MOG Book of the Month for March 2007

  12. EASTERTIDE: Prayers for Lent Through Easter from The Divine Hours, Phyllis Tickle
    – I found out about The Divine Hour books from someone’s blog a while ago. You can read the prayers online four (or five) different times during the day. I bought the book so I could have it on my nightstand in the morning and in the evening instead of having to print out the prayers to carry around. I really like it. I have to say, so far I haven’t read them at every “office” but try to get most of them. I’ll be reading them throughout the year in other books as well.
    Read about 1/3 of the office and they really fed me spiritually at the time, but I have lost the rhythm with them. They will stay in my library in case they fit my need again.

  13. The Divine Hours: Prayers for Springtime, Phyllis Tickle
    – This book of prayers encompasses February to May. I will not be reading the whole thing this year. I will finish the EASTERTIDE (See above) until Easter, and then pick up in this one for the appropriate dates.
    See explanation above.

  14. Velvet Elvis Book Cover [Finished April 2007]
    Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell


  15. Thin Within, Judy & Arthur Halliday
    – ON HOLD for completion of Thin Again.

    – The book that launched a really amazing weight loss program. Designed to be read in 30 days. Started 4/1. Should be completed this month. I’ve joined the Yahoo Group that was created for those reading the book.

  16. Men Are Like Waffles – Women Are Like Spaghetti, Bill & Pam Farrel

    – ON HOLD

  17. Thin Again, Judy & Arthur Halliday
    – In process. Book written before Thin Within that addresses some of the emotional reasons behind eating.


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    Dee Henderson and Beth Moore are wonderful writers. I have read the two Dee Henderson books (and they are great), but not the new Beth Moore one (yet!). I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!

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