Morning thoughts

Just finished my TLT study for Day 11. It was about repentance. I think it’s finally sinking in just how much a sin overeating is. Whenever I am tempted to eat in response to an emotional craving, it is irresponsible and, yes, sinful, of me to use food to stifle what my soul is screaming about.

That’s what it is when I crave dessert or hot cocoa or munchies. It’s my soul begging for satisfaction. And only God knows for sure what I need, so to Him I will go. He will guide me to whatever it is that will REALLY take care of that craving.

That craving is my soul needing a God-fill. Only he can fill it in a way that will satisfy. It is lunacy (and now I am understanding – idolatry) for me to go to food to take care of that cry – that need.

Father, thank you SO much for the clarity of the lesson this morning. And for the kindness shown me by my mentor in the study. You know how much I have been craving spiritual interaction. This is an answer to prayer. Please fill my soul with your joy today, so I don’t seek satisfaction anywhere else.