I’m tired

Today at work was a complete brain Jell-o maker. We have had some system issues and it has caused a whole LOT of manual labor for me and a couple of my coworkers. Got me into a real “craving” mode. Ate more dinner than I needed. Baaaaaad cravings for all sorts of things. Did end up having one of these really yummy Caramel wafer thingies J4 got for Christmas. Could have eaten the entire bag (I’m talking jumbo as big as my head) of MnMs if I’d allowed myself to get started.

But I didn’t. I just KNEW I would hate myself if I did. I can’t say this was any sort of power on my part because I prayed and God took it all away – because I didn’t. I narrowly escaped by the skin of my teeth! White knuckled. Had hot tea.

We have SO much to do this weekend I am exhausted thinking about it. And yet, here I sit, blogging when I should be in bed.

Guess I’ll go…