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Old vs. New

You know, my head is still reeling from an email conversation I had last night. It’s this drama about people choosing to call themselves “Christ Followers” and abandoning the term “Christians”.

I have gone to this church in Naperville, Community Christian Church. I had considered it “my” church for a while, but since I have not attended since shortly after J5 was dedicated there, I really don’t know that I’m really an “attender”.

Anyway, through reading one of my regular mommy blogs, Everyday Mommy, I stumbled onto these Mac vs. PC parody videos regarding being a “Christian” vs. a “Christ Follower”. It was really weird to read, on the internet, completely unrelated to my “real life” about someone who was offended by the videos made by CCC.

I posted on E.M.’s blog that I was sorry she was offended, and that they were done at “my church”. We wrote back and forth a couple times and she continued to stress how hurtful they were. At the end of our exchange she sent me to this blog. I will be honest and say that I haven’t been able to read through the whole thing. It honestly makes my head spin. When I got to the part where they were pointing fingers at Beth Moore, who is a woman I deeply respect, I had to stop.

Now, I haven’t been to church at CCC for so long that also I didn’t know about the series called “Christian No More”. The title is inflammatory – and I guess that’s what you want when you plan to grab people’s attention. I was going to start watching the posted sermons/messages from those weeks so I could “hear it from the horse’s mouth” to find out if they’re really “anti-Christian”. I get that they’re not “anti-Christ”, but this seems pretty intense and divisive.

I am going to rant here because I think I’ve exhausted my family’s ears on this topic. Why the hell (pun intended) can’t Christians just ease it back a notch and get along? It says point blank, in Romans 14:

Verse 4 – Who are you to condemn God’s servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let him tell them whether they are right or wrong. The Lord’s power will help them do as they should.

Yet everywhere I look, as I am trying to find a church home for myself, I run into these horrible pockets of hatred and animosity. Like a friend said last night when I was discussing it with her, “some people are eager to be offended”.

Ok, so am I one of them? Am I eager to be offended by people who are eagerly offended?

What am I even getting myself into by spending more time in the Bible? Is this what is causing my distress?

I really, truly, want to find a church home. I’ve been to the SDA church where my membership resides. It was pleasant. Took J5 to Sabbath School. It was hard doing it alone, I won’t lie to you. There was no way I was going to try to stay for church with J5 wanting to wander and play.

After I went, and didn’t go back, no one followed up with me. That was disappointing.

Of course, I’ve been away from CCC for about a year and the only contact I’ve received from the church in any official capacity is a plea for money to expand one of their buildings.

So much for a church family embracing me.

I am going to try another SDA church nearby, actually it’s the closest one to us. They also have a “Structured Day Care” which interests me, but that’s another topic.

Anyway, as I look at the subject of my post I realize what I was intending to write about was whether it’s bad for the Church to evolve into something that leaves the old behind. I was given a link to an online booklet entitled Free To Live, from a girl I’ve gotten to know through a bible study on the internet. The main thrust of that booklet was that the church must evolve. That the church can and will and must continually change due to the revelations of the Holy Spirit. This book, however, insists that there should be nothing but respect for the church that remains after a new group is “birthed” from it. I believe they’re respecting the Romans 14 verse that even if your faith is stronger than another, and allows you to do more, that you are in no way to offend or harm those whose faith is weaker.

I’d started re-reading that booklet to see if I really agree with what it is saying. It seems that this movement of churches (Willow Creek, Saddleback, CCC) is springing up and out from the traditional view of Christanity. However, there seems to be a lot of birthing pains in the process – much like a teenager who needs to rebel and ends up disrespecting his father in his attempt to define himself as seperate and equal in value.

So, what I really want to know, is who is right? Can they both be right? Can they all just get along? Or is it necessary that one is right and the other is of the devil? That’s what I seemed to be getting from that lighthouse blog. Just a lot of skepticism and negativity.

Well, I’m going to log off for the night. Too much time in front of the computer. Gonna read a little more Bible and maybe a bit of Seventh-Day Adventists Believe – A book from my 2007 Book List.

Good night.