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My New Years Meditations – 2007

As reference, I wrote a New Year’s Meditation post on my RW site. Part of it was to have “More God”. I’ve started reading this One-Year Bible that I got from my mom several years ago. I’ve decided to read the New Testament, and Psalms & Proverbs part of it in the morning. It’s not enough though.

I have been trying to do my TLT study in the morning, but it’s just not fitting into the routine very well. I’m too stressed about getting J5 fed and then getting logged into work to sit for 30-45 minutes every morning. So, I need to find a good devotional that will be mostly scripture. The whole point is to spend time with God. To let Him feed me spiritually. It still feels awkward just opening my Bible and reading wherever I land. I don’t want to read a devotional that’s just someone else’s thoughts. While they can be good, it doesn’t seem to allow for the freestyle God-directed feeding that my soul so badly needs.

Father, please direct me to any resources that will help me spend the right kind of time with You. I know you have a plan and you can make it clear to me the best way to go about this. And if it’s just the Bible I need to be reading, with nothing else, that’s fine too, I just want to know for sure whatever is best.

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Why another blog?

Ok, so I already have my Random Wanderings (public), and I have J5’s Blog (invitation only), so why do I need a THIRD blog? Well, ’cause I guess I want to stay public for all my mommy-blog linking and stuff, but still want to blog about my spiritual journey out here in blog-land.

So, here goes another, less filtered, more raw stuff that is going on in my head.