Things I (re)learned today

Sometimes I think I keep this blog just so I can go back and see how many things I discover, forget, and remember. Today, however, I think I discovered something new. At least it felt like a new idea to me. It was God enlightening me. And it was very cool. Here goes:

  1. I am a Gentile. Now this may seem to be an obvious thing, as I am a Christian, but somehow as I was growing up, I sort of took on this view that everything in the Bible happened to my ancestors. Reading the Bible (or as a kid, listening to the Bible in Living Sound on my portable record player), I was always cheering on the side of the Israelites. They were “our people”. Then, early this morning, as I was reading in Ephesians 2 it dawned on me. I am a Gentile.
  2. That being the case, even if the laws of the Old Testament were still in force, they would not apply to me. I am not a Jew. These were the laws that were part of God’s covenant with the Jewish people.
  3. And even if I was a Jew, God did away with that path to him. Christ was the next part of the plan to reconcile Jews to Gentiles, make them one group. His death got rid of the exclusionary law/system.
  4. Because of Christ, I can go directly to the Father via the Holy Spirit. There is no mention of me (a Gentile) being added on to the old covenant. I’m not part of that contract.

I need to STOP thinking that I’m a Jew and must obey the OT laws. God has the ability to guide my thoughts, my behaviors through his Living Word, through the Holy Spirit. All the guidance I need can be found in the New Testament. This is big in the land of Lundie.